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Clients of Martini Partners generate sensitive financial information that is critical to their financial success. Protecting that information is the next step in maximizing and maintaining its value. That is why we offer a service that reduces their Cybersecurity risk by filling in the security gaps they thought their IT department had covered.

Security Features


Most companies don’t know that there is a proven international framework for securing information. We’ve leveraged that framework to keep information secure in companies both large and small.


Our partners provide world class 24X7X365 Security Operation Centers that monitor events logged by your company’s most important Firewalls, Servers and Cloud providers to detect potential breaches and anomalies before they turn into a real data breach.


Because most regulations in the US, such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, and DFARS pull their Cybersecurity controls from the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, you’ll be in compliance with those regulations.

Know Your Score.

Know Your Score.

Our IT Security Maturity Assessment, based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, provides companies valuable insights into their current risk exposure via a Security Maturity Level score, or SML.

The SML score tells you where you fall within the Security Maturity Scale. The higher your SML score, the more proactive your organization. A higher organizational SML directly correlates to a net reduction in risk exposure and the costs associated with data breaches.

Our SML assessment is based on the nationally recognized NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

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World-Class Cybersecurity

World-Class Cybersecurity for Your Business.


Get the people, tools & intelligence to monitor, detect, analyze, remediate and report on the threats to your information systems.

IT Risk Assessment & Management

Minimize your company’s Cybersecurity risk through a proven security assessment and remediation plan. It’s no secret that IT risks, especially those that involve data and security breaches, are one of the biggest compliance responsibilities faced by organizations today. You only have to witness the fallout of a data breach to understand the impact it can have on a business.

IT Compliance Solutions

Assess and remediate networks for industry relevant compliance mandates including DFARS, NIST 800-171, GDPR, PCI, FISMA, FedRamp.

A small group of dedicated and expert individuals working together as a cohesive team to give extraordinary large firm services.

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Expertise and dedication are just the beginning. By intimately understanding your needs and issues, we are able to create a team and strategy to help you achieve your goals. When problems arise, we are here to help. But more importantly, with our proactive approach we strive to spot and address potential problems before they become serious.

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